How to Leverage Screens that Drive Sales

It’s no secret we live in a digital world. I’m sure you’ve seen a digital sign somewhere. Maybe a doctors office, a hotel, a restaurant, or maybe even your own conference room. How can you use screens to leverage your business?

In 2012 FedEx Office released a survey that measured the impact of signage.

  • 68% of American consumers purchased a product or service simply because a sign happened to catch their eye
  • Almost 80% entered a store that they’ve never been in just because they saw something interesting on a sign
  • Three out of four have told someone about a store because of their signage
  • 68% Say they believe the signage is a direct reflection of the quality of the store
  • 60% of consumers say the absence of a sign would actually deter them from entering a store

The use of signage is important that goes without saying. What will drive more sales to your business is a well designed, eye catching sign. But, how can a screen give you a better ROI than a print sign?

A print sign can only give one message. Simply put, it’s just not dynamic. Not only can you highlight a certain product, once it falls out of favor with your customer base the sign can be changed. Also take into account you can feature a product, then highlight reviews. 85% of consumers trust reviews just as much as a personal recommendation.

Just about any business can make good use of a digital sign.

  • Corporate – Digital signs can help with internal communication. Better employee communication leads to higher morale and productivity
  • Education – Video can be a helpful learning tool. Digital signs help keep young minds engaged
  • Food Service – Menu’s will always be easy to read and up to date with the latest specials. Use of video here can drive sales of that latest dish.
  • Healthcare – Wait times feel shorter and a visual distraction has been shown to reduce perceptions of pain and lower anxiety and stress
  • Fitness Centers – A digital sign can keep fitness goers in the gym/spa longer which can contribute to sales and help their overall fitness goals.

The digital signage market is worth about $16 billion worldwide. Estimates are putting it in the $27-$33 billion range by 2022. The market is growing which means more competition and lower costs for the business owner. Will you be one of those that leverage this exciting technology?

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