6 Tips to Creating Eye-Popping Content

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Have you ever caught yourself looking around in the world while in the midst of your travels, and all of a sudden an advertisement catches your eye? Ever scroll through your Facebook feed and for no reason you clicked on one of the hundreds of articles out there because it earned your curiosity?

It might not have been for a particular reason you are aware of, it just seemed to do the job, piqued your interest somehow, and now you have stopped to admire the advertisement or read the article. In the back of your head, you know that the advertisement is doing exactly what it should be, which is catching your attention.

Why, oh why did you stop? Check out these 6 tips for creating the good stuff. The eye-popping content that will get you the viewers!

#1. Eight, Two, Fifty, Skim

Remember these words: “Eight, Two, Fifty, Skim”.

Why? Because they’re practically the laws of content and advertisement. What is good content and advertisement? The kind that revolves around human nature. Always remember that you are appealing to your fellow kind who have flaws and all kinds of interests. How do you appeal to such a vast variety of intellects? The answer: cater to the average attention span of the human brain.

It takes all of eight seconds for the average human to get distracted (if they allow themselves to). But, they aren’t cooking a meal or doing something important that requires focus. They are looking at your advertisement and its content, or reading your article, or watching/listening to your video.

So, take the eight-second attention span countdown you had and reduce it to two now; you have two seconds of someone’s focus.

Within said two seconds, you have about fifty milliseconds on average to make a good first impression before you lose an attention span in one second of viewing time. Even if you hold someone for two-to-eight seconds, only 28% of your content gets a skim through, leaving the rest unseen and out of context.

This formula is gospel, folks. Use it to your advantage when designing your content.

#2. Keeping It Brief

Time is currency in this day and age. Even with the avid reader or movie buff, you can still only hold their attention for so long. Keeping your content brief, to the point, but still with a lot of personalities built into it can really keep a keen eye interested.

If you are writing an article, headers and short paragraphs are a good way to trick the mind into thinking your 500+ word article is much shorter than it is.

In your advertisement, keywords that can get the message across are your best bet, while in combination with gripping imagery and graphics.

#3. The Colors of the World

Colors are weird. Different colors attract a different audience. You don’t want to have a rainbow of flashy colors to just to grab someone’s eye when the flashy colors aren’t relevant to what you are grabbing their eye for. Then again, go too modest and you won’t grab anyone’s attention at all.

It can be tricky to incorporate the right color into your advertisement or the right kind of images into your content. Blues are comforting, yellows are startling, reds are sexy, and greens are earthy, etc.

When all else fails, a nice white background with any of these colors focused on your keywords, or something that simply should stand out, can be a modern-day savior.

#4. Your Title Is All

You can write the most interesting article, video, movie, or advertisement ever made in all of the time. None of it is going to be worth a peak without a grabbing, gripping, and exciting title. If you are into journalism, you can’t give too much of your article away in the title. If you are advertising, you can’t go throwing up a long novel-length featurette for everyone to read.

Posing questions in these article instances can naturally demand curiosity from a viewer, such as:

“Neil Lands On The Moon” VS “Armstrong’s Moon Landing: Did It Actually Happen?”

Brainstorming your advertisement into a couple sentences, and then refining those descriptions to a few keywords can be a great place to start for finding those keywords you need to get your message across.

#5. Be The Expert

Your confidence in what the content is being created for can make or break you. If your content consists of technological advice, for example, you should probably be certain that you have done the research and can have all your content just naturally flow from your knowledge. Believe it or not, it can be easier than you may think to notice if a writing piece or advertisement came from someone who knows nothing about it.

The dissatisfied boy reading the book

#6. The Aesthetics

Everything about your content should have synergy. The font for your article, the graphics for your advertisement, the banners, and overlays for your YouTube video. All of it needs to mesh well together, otherwise, something looks and feels wrong to the naked eye.

Try toying around with fonts in your writing pieces, or providing a colorful overlay that stays consistent throughout a YouTube video.


Your content could be a very important message that should be shared, but shouldn’t be thrown together. The more professional it appears the more seriously it can be taken. The more you refine the tips and tricks you already know into your content and work at them, the closer you will be to creating that eye-popping content that will grab someone’s attention.


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