How often are you changing content?

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Website content and posters and signage content are often overlooked by companies. It can be expensive and take time to change…the old signs are still good. These excuses and more are used to stop from taking to time to re-engage your customers. So how often are you changing content?

So why should you improve your signage? Here are the top 3 reasons to change your content.

The Company Has Changed

So maybe, five, ten, twenty years ago, when you started your company, you knew exactly what you wanted to do and how you tried to do it. But now the company has changed. The world has changed. Technology has changed. Maybe the product or service has improved. Changing your content will help show your customers that you are an ever-evolving company. It will show them how you have changed and where you are going. Rebranding is a part of this. When you rebrand you reaffirm your company goals and dedication to your customers.

To Gain New Business

Sales is an ever important wheel. The constant need for new customers, while satisfying the old is critical. New customers want to see how you are different from everyone else, while former customers want to know they will get the same service they love. It’s a balancing act. Changing your digital signage on location, online, and even on fliers is a great way to find that balance. Create an environment for your customers to feel refreshed whenever you update them. Show them you are dedicated to giving them the best products and services with this constant flow of updates and new images.

To Stay Fresh

Have you ever seen a company that uses the same images on their website since the early 90s? Or maybe they’ve had the same logo and poster in their store since the 80s. These places are not fresh. They don’t scream “Come over here, we have something for you”. Changing your images, content, and websites will accomplish this very quickly. In the year 2018 where millennials are beginning to take over, they watch 10-second video clips via Snapchat and Instagram. Their content is always changing. The brands the younger generation are using are always showing them something new. Actively engaging your audience is essential to say relevant now. Without updating yourself often, you fall behind and your customers will move to the more modern place that kept up and stayed fresh.

There are many more reasons why you should change your content, so how often should you change this content? Often. Without a defined time limit, what matters is how often you want to engage your customers. Customers want to be involved and they want to see what’s new. This is the key is to keep staying fresh to gain new business while your company is ever changing and growing.

With Cellcast, we make it easy to keep your customers engaged. With our state of the art digital signage and easy to use tools to help you keep your content fresh and new, you will never fall behind the competition.

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