Today’s Special: What Makes Digital Signage Menus Delectable?

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What is a Digital Signage Menu?

Let’s get this straight: Digital signage menus are restaurant menus that appear on High Definition LCD screens instead of paper. These high-tech menus can include effects like animations, page transitions, and moving text, but ultimately they serve the customer’s need to see the food available to order.

The benefits of digital signage menus are numerous. They engage eaters, offer greater content flexibility, and allow for a larger variety of device usage options. Back in the day, restaurant menus were as varied and unique as the establishments they were created in. That creative energy will always be a part of food service, but the modern age has served up a new way to advertise entrees: Today’s special is digital signage.

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Engaging Your Eaters

Digital menus are designed to communicate essential information to restaurant patrons: What they can order! An eye-catching, well-designed menu may make the difference between a customer ordering a black coffee or a 10-person margarita. When food pops off the screen, mouths water. The menu may be the single most crucial part of the foodservice transaction, and clever owners utilize them to their full potential.

Flexible Menu Options

But what if your restaurant runs out of kale? Now you can’t sell any more cheddar, ham and kale frittatas. Better cross that off the menu and tell your waitstaff to inform your kale-starved clientele.  Except that wastes both time and menu space. The last thing a customer wants to see on the menu is what they can’t eat for Sunday Brunch.

However, with a digital menu, there’s no wasted time or space. Restaurant managers can open up the signage editor, replace the frittatas with bacon-wrapped dates (which probably tasted better anyways), and go about their normal operations. Customers don’t see the old menu items, and staff doesn’t get any questions about them because nobody even knows there’s something missing.

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More Than Just Menus

A laminated piece of paper can only ever be a laminated piece of paper, but a digital sign can be anything you need. What if there’s a gas leak and everyone needs to vacate the building immediately? What if your venue is hosting a show and wants to put ads on the walls? What if you’re hosting a super bowl party and need your TVs to play the game? A Cellcast Digital Signage solution can accommodate all of that because you aren’t buying just a menu. You’re purchasing a platform that can distribute the content of any kind. When your needs change, your Cellcast solution can change alongside them.

The Last Word

Digital signage menus engage eaters by clearly and easily communicating the menu to them. Digital Signage can also support quick menu additions/redactions, thereby making a static menu more flexible. Finally, signage solutions allow for a variety of other display options, meaning when you buy a digital menu, you’re getting more than just a menu. All of this points to the fact that creative menu design is and always will be a part of the food service business. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to get a unique, flexible menu for your restaurant.

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